North Central Collective


A collective of likeminded churches who purpose to establish a Gospel presence that leads to Gospel proclamation in our region.

Collective of Like-Minded Churches

The North Central Collective is a body of churches united through theological and geographical proximity. Their practices and statements of faith align on key issues such as the Trinity, sin, salvation, and the nature of the church as designed by Christ; member churches are located in the roughly-defined geographic area of North Central Massachusetts. This is not a denomination and does not seek to replace denominational affiliation, but a local covenant body united for local gospel impact.

We believe that part of the design of the church is that it exists in community. NCC churches are bound together by a shared Covenant of Understanding, which unites us in a manner similar to the unity of individuals within a local church body. We invest in one another, hold one another accountable, and join one another in shared fellowship and ministry. We help one another create and maintain systems of ordered discipleship as well as identify and establish leaders to work within our churches.

The NCC manages a Church Planter Residency Program, in which leaders identified for the work of church planting and/or replanting are trained through a cooperative effort of all member churches. These leaders then partner with the rest of the NCC to establish a new local church, or revitalize an existing local church, within our region and as part of the NCC. We are also available for revitalization work in cooperation with the existing leadership of local churches.

Gospel Presence & Proclamation

The North Central Collective believes that churches are not merely an instrument God has provided to build up believers and facilitate outreach, but is the main body by which God intends to actively engage the modern world. It is not enough for local churches to meet on Sunday, hear a stirring message, and then scatter to live separate lives with the occasional mid-week Bible study thrown into the mix. We believe that if Christ is to be visible in our communities, the local church must be visible and active as a unified, committed, and passionate body that is on mission together every day. We adorn the gospel through our love for one another, our commitment to the body, and our practice of good works that God has prepared beforehand. Sharing this practice with other local churches and equipping one another for the work enables us to expand the area where Christ is visible through the life of the church, and this in turn expands the opportunity of each church to declare the gospel to our communities and invite them to know and follow the true and risen Christ.

Member Churches

The North Central Collective includes Bethany Bible Chapel (Winchendon), Athol-Orange Baptist Church (Athol), Bethany Baptist Church (Gardner), and First Baptist Church of Westminster.