Our Haiti Initiative

The Haiti Initiative is The Chapel’s partnership with several ministries in Haiti and the States in order to strengthen churches through church, pastoral, and leadership development.  In order to fulfill the plan of God to bring the glory of the gospel to all nations through the local church we have sought to focus on serious ordered discipleship, publishing of these discipling materials in Creole, establishing the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development, and engaging in community development projects executed alongside the leadership of local churches. We have been training competent leaders of networks of churches in all of Haiti, but have been disrupted by political and societal upheaval and catastrophic weather events. There are 1500 local churches that are a part of The Haiti Jeremie Initiative.  At a grassroots level we will train leaders how to effectively use the serious ordered discipleship material "1st Principles" in order to strengthen and establish churches.  These local churches will grow their gospel presence as they are growing in being committed to sharing the gospel to hundreds of thousands of those needing their sins forgiven through faith in Jesus Christ.

The need is tremendous and we are honored to serve in Haiti with these faithful servants of Christ in their local churches! Over the course of the next 5 years, fundamental training will occur in 1,500 churches. Thousands of leaders will be strengthened, which will enable them to start thousands of new churches and raise up leaders. This training is solidly rooted in the First Principles of Christ and the Apostles (the key and foundational truths in the New Testament for establishing believers and churches in their faith in Christ). The Chapel is humbled by this exponential impact they will have in Haiti for the glory of God and the good of Haiti.

The church is the redeeming force in any country and we are convinced as we strengthen churches and leaders in Haiti the country will truly reflect in character and as a whole the name for which she is called “The Pearl of the Antilles”.  Should not the church be restoring what is good and true and beautiful to this nation that has struggled for many years in poverty, sickness, tragedy (earthquake of 2010) and more?

Building strong, biblical churches and leaders is what The Jereme Haiti Initiative is all about. We hope you will join us in our commitment to bring the redeeming power of the Gospel to this small island nation. You can join through giving, praying, and joining with us as we build teams to serve in Haiti on short-term trips. For more information or if you would like to join us in this initiative call our offices at 978-297-1493.