How To Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of Bethany Bible Chapel, we welcome you and praise the Lord!  Let us explain our process of receiving members.

1. You express an interest in church membership to an Elder or the Pastor.

2. You attend a Discover The Chapel class, where you receive a Church Constitution, Covenant and What We Believe (Confession). In this class you will discuss many wonderful things about Jesus Christ, His Bride the Church, His Passion, and the Vision he has given the Chapel. A Mission he wants all of us to be involved in accomplishing. We are so thankful you want to join us in accomplishing His Mission for us.

3. You prepare a written testimony to share with others. It is a public declaration of your experience in coming to Faith in Jesus Christ(see information below).

4. Fill out Membership Application

5. Elders meet with you to hear your testimony, and to answer any questions regarding the Constitution, Covenant, or Confession. If transferring membership from another, church a Letter of Recommendation is sought.

6. Upon their recommendation, the Elders announce your application to the Church.

7. You are presented for membership in a church service. Your testimony is read or given aloud by you. A motion, second, and vote is taken, and you are added to the church membership, members will then greet you in the front of the Sanctuary. If Baptism is needed, you will be a member upon your Baptism.

We believe that such a process as this upholds biblical principles and promotes blessing both to you and to the church.

Preparing Your Written Testimony

Relax! Sometimes people are nervous about this step in the process, but you need not be. This is not an English exam, nor is it a deposition for a grand jury. We very much want to help you make a smooth transition to membership among us. Just speak truthfully from your heart about your own relationship with Christ and desire to join His church here. We look for four or five elements in your testimony.

1. INTRODUCTION –  Let us know who you are-your name, where you grew up, a little about your religious background, and any other facts relevant to your testimony. If you were saved later in life, describe what life was like before you came to Christ. Be careful to avoid inappropriate details. Speak generally about the vanity of life without God.

2. CONVERSION – Tell us about the circumstances surrounding your conversion. If your conversion was not dramatic, that is fine. By all means be scrupulously honest here. If you believe you have known Christ since your earliest childhood memories, say so. If the specifics of your conversion are vivid, share them with us.

3. LIFE AS A CHRISTIAN –  How has being a Christian changed your everyday life? What evidences do you see that your faith is genuine and persevering? How are you serving Christ now?

4. DESIRE FOR MEMBERSHIP –  You have an opportunity to encourage the church greatly by telling them why you are attracted to this particular church. We also need to hear that you are willing to keep the church covenant and that you agree with the confession.

5. YOUR FAVORITE VERSE  –   You may want to share a favorite Bible verse with the congregation and explain briefly why you love it so much.

An Elder can help you with your testimony if necessary without changing the substance of it.  We recommend a conversational tone and avoiding “Christian jargon” which may not be understood by unbelievers (e.g., “during the invitation I came to the old rugged cross and was washed in the blood”). Instead you could say something like, “at the end of that church service I finally realized I could not resist Christ any longer, so I committed myself to Him without reservation.” Typical testimony length is one or two typewritten pages.

Your application is an encouragement to us. May the Lord bless and help you as you prepare for church membership!