Caring Hearts

A ministry of The Chapel whose mission is to come alongside our local and church community with compassion sharing the timeless truth of Scripture while providing support and hope through life’s difficult struggles.

Caring Hearts Team

Pastor Tom has served in Pastoral ministry and counseling for over 25 years. He has a BA in Biblical Counseling and experience in inpatient mental health care. He is a pastor at The Chapel in Winchendon, Ma.

Becky is a counselor who has worked in the Mental Health Field for 21 years, starting with clinical work and moving into a Residential Counselor position. She also volunteers as a Deaconess at our Spring Street Location.

The Caring Hearts Ministry Offers

  • Marital Relationship Enrichment
  • Parenting Enhancement Strategies
  • Financial Planning Training
  • Unplanned Pregnancy Support
  • Biblical Counseling & Encouragement
  • Parenting Classes

Marital Relationship Enrichment

Are you in a marriage relationship that is broken or struggling? We compassionately help couples discover and learn how to live in a marriage founded in the wisdom of God’s Word. By following God’s Word you will discover the rich depth of insight available to help you mend your broken relationship.

Marriage Resources

Financial Planning Training

Are you overwhelmed by financial crisis or in need of financial counseling? We will come alongside you to help execute a plan toward financial stability and health by introducing proven Biblical principles for good stewardship. 

Financial Planning Resources

Biblical Counseling & Encouragement

Do you find life overwhelming? Do you feel like you are barely making it through life day by day? We will come alongside you with caring and understanding to listen, help diagnose your problems & difficulties, and provide personalized & applicable Biblically based solutions.

Counseling Resources

Parenting Enhancement Strategies

Parents are faced with many difficult challenges. Navigating these challenges with little to no information or guidance makes life overwhelming. We come alongside parents with beneficial instruction and support to make life manageable and provide them with skills for a better future.

Parenting Resources

Unplanned Pregnancy Support

​​​​​​​Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy? Do you feel isolated and alone? We will provide love and encouragement while you face what can often feel like an insurmountable challenge. We will help you make informed decisions by providing objective information in a nonjudgmental and safe environment.

Carenet Pregnancy Center

Clearway Pregnancy Center

Parenting Classes

We offer one-on-one, Parenting classes using The Homes of Honor Course. This course has been approved by the Department of Children and Families and can be taken to fulfill requirements given in an Action plan.

Parenting Class Resources

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286 Central Street, Winchendon, MA 01475

Phone: 978-297-1493

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @CaringHeartsDT or @TheChapelDT

Pinterest: @Caring_Hearts

The Chapel desires to become a vital ministry of the Winchendon community by providing support and care for the pressing and urgent needs of those struggling spiritually, emotionally, and practically.