Children's Ministry

Faith and friends is an exciting and enriching PreK-5th Grade ministry experience. Through prayer, praise, and journaling, kids deepen their friendship with God. By rotating through activity centers in small groups, kids grow in friendship with one another. Faith and Friends is an expression of The Chapel’s commitment to being a growing family of believer’s characterized by a deep and genuine love for God and one another.

Kids grow their faith through friendships

Small-group “Circles of Friends” help kids build long-lasting relationships with God at the center. No one will feel out of place or left behind.

Kids own their faith through journaling

FaithWeaver Friends helps you teach kids a weekly Bible verse that applies directly to the Bible Point, and then children get a chance to write or draw those lessons in their journals.

Kids apply their faith through service

FaithWeaver Friends is designed to help your kids learn what outreach is all about by encouraging them to apply each week’s Bible passage to their daily lives in ways that make sense to them.

Wee Worship is a ministry for children from 3 years old through 7 years old. Our purpose is to provide Bible-based activities and learning for our young children while their families attend Worship Service.

Our Wee Worship children attend the beginning of the Worship Service with their families, and are dismissed after the offering has been taken.They walk downstairs with their teachers and, you are free to walk your child to Wee Worship as well! Please pick your child up in the classroom directly after Worship Service. We do not send the children upstairs on their own.

Some of the activities our Wee Worshipers do are:

  • Pray together as a group.
  • Have fun learning Bible stories in very interactive ways (such as role-play, puppets,flannel stories or having the story read to them) to help them grasp the real meaning ofScripture.
  • Participate in hands-on, active learning lessons to help teach them the lessons in waysthey will remember.
  • Participate in life application discussions and activities to encourage the children to usewhat they’ve learned and share what they’ve learned with their family and friends.

Our mission is help our youngest children to
Know that they are a part of God’s family
Grow in their faith, knowledge and love of Christ, and
Show their love of Christ to others in what they do and say.